Martin Willis racing a Porsche 356 in South Africa.


Finding the Right Way

Martin Willis used to race 356 Porsches in the early 80’s. He encountered major problems with the drum brake system, so he optimized the original factory set-up. His problem was with the original brake drums. They used to wear out and warp quickly, then needing to be machined larger than the factory specifications. New replacements were not an option due to their high costs. This led to even poorer braking under racing conditions. He experimented with several methods and finally came across one which returned the brakes to their as new effectiveness. Ever since then he has been refurbishing and fitting iron liners for 356 Porsche brakes. These refurbished aluminum drums are guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction. Due to the scarcity of the part, there is little other option open to owners. Bearing in mind the value of these cars today, Martin believes that only the best solutions should be used. Martin, a mechanical engineer, can provide this service for your own 356 Porsche from his Colorado Springs based Machine Shop. Your brake drum cores are re-sleeved in iron back to original factory specs. These will not loosen nor warp. Other heroic salvaging of unobtainable parts is gladly under-taken. Please call or email 719-330-0085 or

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In addition to Porsches, The Machine Shop can refurbish or custom build any brake drums you may need. Click below to learn more.

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