Porsche 944 Power to Manual (The Safe Way)

Porsche steering rack disassembled

 Without all the hydraulic tubing, this is what a disassembled 944 power steering rack looks like.

Porsche steering rack pinion

Here is the six tooth pinion. The two spools top and bottom with springs and spring plates are what signal the pump to assist your steering turn.

Porsche steering rack pinion


Here is the pinion shaft again.This time the splined shaft has been removed to show the torque rod on the pinion shaft. Notice how slender the torque rod is. The penny in the photo is for size comparison purposes. When the power steering pump is disabled, your steering wheel motions are transmitted to your front wheels only by this slender torque rod. Consequently your steering will be vague.


 Here is the top view of the splined shaft fitted over the torque rod into the pinion assembly. Notice the two ears at 12 and 6’oclock. These two ears will ultimately touch the sides of the two groves in the pinion assembly. In doing so, the vagueness of the steering motion will be about 11 degrees in total… Hardly what one is looking for in a high performance car. The penny in the photo is for size comparison purposes. 

Porsche steering racks

 Top is a power rack suitably modified for manual operation. Ratio: 141 mm for 3.5 turns. Middle is a 924 Rack with solid mounts. Ratio: 119 mm for 3.5 turns. Bottom is a VW Rabbit derived rack (which is where it all started) with solid mounts. Rack shown is for right-hand drive Porsche. Ratio: 133 mm for 3.5 turns. 1983 944 Manual Rack is a clone between middle and bottom rack, with 119 mm ratio. 


 Almost all 944’s come with power steering. You’ve got all the parts, you just need to suitably modify it for manual use. If you have the slightest doubt of your capabilities, this should be professionally done. Apart from the hoses, cooler and pump, the collection of loose parts (top right) will not be needed. Your existing steering linkage can of course be used. All the plumbing connections need to be suitably plugged, the entire rack assembly is then lubricated with grease. 


  You won’t need these bits, but you will need to professionally, firmly affix the pinion to the splined shaft. I will not suggest here how you do this however… The Machine Shop can either perform this work to your pinion and splined shaft or supply you a complete power steering rack suitably modified on exchange 

Porsche steering racks

 The top Rack is from a 924 Porsche. It’s ratio makes it an ideal road/race rack. It’s mounting points to the X-Member require solid or custom clamps. The left-hand clamp has to be scalloped to clear the horizontal rack guide cover plate. The lower rack is mark one VW Rabbit derived. It too requires solid or custom clamps, but the vertical rack guide cover plate does not require clearancing. Both these racks require a longer steering linkage. 


 A There are three lengths: short-from the power-steering rack, medium-from the 924 rack, and long-from the VW Rabbit derived rack. The top linkage is 924. The bottom linkage is 944 power. Your existing linkage can be professionally lengthened by the Machine Shop utilizing 4130 Chrome Molly Tubing. 

We can supply new (not refurbished) quadrant/sector/steering shafts for 924s, 944s, 968s…manual or power steering. Price: $190 + shipping. No core required. Send your core to the other guys, they’ll give you $30 for them. 


Refurbished 924 manual rack, for use in 944’s. 3.5 turns = 119 mm ratio complete with new longer steering universal shaft, new tie rods, new ends, and new boots. $670 add $160 for solid mounts.

New manual rack complete with new sector shaft, new tie rods, new ends, new boots. 3.5 turns = 133mm ratio. $830 add $160 for solid mounts.

Full race only refurbished power rack converted to manual, 3.5 turns = 141 mm ratio. Complete with shorter steering universal shaft, new tie rods, ends, and boots. Pinion locked and all hydraulic holes plugged. Pre 1987 $750. 1987 on $830. Add $160 for solid mounts.


On exchange your old power rack required, use your existing tie rods, ends, rubber mounts and steering shaft. $340. Add $160 for solid mounts.

All shipping for your account.