Rudge Drums

Rudge Drums with Splined Hubs

Rudge Drums 2

Rudge Drums 1

BUILT TO ORDER. These drums are exactly identical and completely interchangeable with the original Rudge drums, which are not available anywhere.

Your choice in A or B pattern. What is included in a full set:

4 iron re-lined OE Fuchs drums, structurally and cosmetically sound. Threads, spines, axle spline, and bearing sizes, as firm, snug, tight, and to spec, Just like new! Fresh Nickel plated, Front left, Front right, Rear left, Rear right, oil slinger specific to Rudge drum, dowels, bolts and lock tabs. All assembled, and ready to mount. I do not have wheels. But I could get you a set, either 4 1/2″ or 5 1/2” steelies, almost indistinguishable from the original pattern.

This is your chance to fix the worn out , wobbly, stripped old set of Rudges on your car. Or, you can upgrade a regular KPN, car with wheel bolts to the OE Rudge drums. Price is 8,600 USD per set of four. Price can be reduced by sending in your core drums, depending on their determined value. Please call or email. Martin Willis: 719-330-0085 or