Porsche 356 Brake Drums

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All brake drums relined by The Machine Shop are warranted for life and for racing. Generally, you can expect a 1-2 week turnaround time. Relining is $395 per drum if you send a pair, and $360 per if you send all four. We encourage you to shop around…you won’t find a better price anywhere else. New splines run $310, and to tighten splines is $50 per.

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Martin Willis used to race 356 Porsches in the early 80’s. He encountered major problems with the drum brake system, so he optimized the original factory set-up. His problem was with the original brake drums. They used to wear out and warp quickly. The brakes had to be machined larger than the factory specifications. New replacements were not an option due to their high costs. This led to even poorer braking under racing conditions. He experimented with several methods and finally came across one which returned the brakes to their as new effectiveness. Ever since then he has been refurbishing and fitting iron liners for 356 Porsche brakes. These refurbished aluminum drums are guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction. Due to the scarcity of the part, there is little other option open to owners. Bearing in mind the value of these cars today, Martin believes that only the best solutions should be used. Martin, a mechanical engineer, can provide this service for your own 356 Porsche from his Colorado Springs based Machine Shop. Your brake drum cores are re-sleeved in iron back to original factory specs. These will not loosen nor warp. Other heroic salvaging of unobtainable parts is gladly under-taken. Please call or email. Martin Willis: 719-330-0085 or martinwillis@comcast.net

The Machine Shop Inc uses various measures to beautify your drums for that outlaw project. Any combination of acid baths, media blasting, grinding, tig welding, and lathe work etc. will be used, depending on the specific needs of each piece. Splines and worn bearing sizes can be be removed and replaced, and salvageable splines can be tightened up. After all the cosmetic and structural repairs are completed, these drums have returned to their original shape and former glory. We fit and supply both standard and long studs. Both 40mm and 60mm drums.

Refurbished drums are guaranteed for life and warranted for racing.  The iron lining will never come out or turn inside the drum.

Interested about the cosmetic repair process? Check it out here!

Brake Shoe Relining and Arcing

The Machine Shop inc is happy to offer brake shoe arcing of your shoes for all vehicles. We can also supply Porsche 356 relined brake shoes arced to your desired drum diameter. Catalog suppliers, like NLA and Al Zim, will sell you 356 relined shoes. But what radius are they? They are a one size fits all; hardly what you’d want to put into your rebuild or restoration. Heck, it might take 10 years to bed your shoes in. Or worse still if your drums are at OE diameter, these oversize shoes won’t allow the drum to even be fitted to the axle! Now, it’s not that NLA or Zims are doing a bad job. To the contrary…they have the shoes on the shelf which is very handy. But they cannot have any idea what size brake drum you have. Standard, +.25mm, all the way up to +1.5mm. So for the convenience of “off the shelf” you need to re-arc these shoes to fit your drums. The Machine Shop inc suggests you get shoes from us, or get NLA or Zims to drop ship the shoes to us and we will arc them to match your drums. When we iron re-line your drums back to OE standard size, the shoes can be shipped (almost riding for free) with our return drum shipping to you. Our price for relined and arced shoes is $180/set which does 2 drums worth. The lining material we use as standard is for road and vigorous driving. These I generally have in stock. For race applications, we can offer you a harder material that is not street suitable, as the first few stops will be long. These brakes require warming before biting fully. The lead time on harder material is 2 weeks. In either case we will, however, need your rebuildable cores, otherwise a $250 charge is leviedIf we arc your supplied shoes (from NLA Zims or other) the price is $40/set. Please call or email. Martin Willis: 719-330-0085 or martinwillis@comcast.net